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Project Overview

This project, called Blendline Motorsports, was one of my first times working with a client with another UX designer. The concept of this project was to include a website that allowed custom car racers to upload their laps, compete on a leaderboard, and share the details of their vehicle through a “Garage” feature. The other designer and I created a working prototype in Figma, and the programmer on the team translated the CSS into Javascript and Python via Django. in the end, the project remains unfinished due to complications but the prototype is mostly complete.


The main goal of this project was to create a website that had the following features: ability to upload laps that could be verified by community managers, leaderboard to compete with others within a specific tier for a season, ability to view opponent’s laps and report them to community managers if deemed invalid, questionnaire to pin down what tier a user’s car belongs in, and a social “Garage” page to display cars and comment on others’ cars.

User Testing

Unfortunately, the project was put on hiatus before the beta testing could be completed.


Since this was my first non-school related UX client project, I am a bit disappointed that the project fizzled out before the website was fully finished. However, I gained many valuable lessons from this project, such as learning how to translate my designs from Figma into a live website. As well, I got to be more experienced in dealing with clients that were unfamiliar with UX approaches.

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Here is the Figma prototype of Blendline Motorsports. Please full screen the prototype for the best experience.