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Project Overview

This project was a team-based UX Design challenge, where Caterpillar’s user experience design team (CAT Digital) proposed a challenge to visually design software to handle equipment manager’s needs. The timeframe was roughly one month, from being given the proposal to presenting our designs to stakeholders at Caterpillar virtually. After each team presented, the stakeholders picked one team to present at 2020’s Caterpillar World Usability Day virtual event. My team was picked to present at said event.


The goal of this project were to redesign the process that equipment managers use to rent Caterpillar’s equipment for their own companies. The previous design was entirely based in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, which were not updated regularly. As well, the secondary goal of the project was to create the most accessible design to be selected to present at Caterpillar World Usability Day in 2020.

User Testing

User testing was a huge portion of this project, as before each team had to present, it was required to have each prototype user tested by individuals of the target audience. User testing was done virtually, through Microsoft Teams, and each team was responsible for writing a script and creating at least five tasks for participants to finish. After user testing was finished, each team had roughly two hours to implement changes based on what we learned based on feedback. For more information on the feedback from user testing, please click the link to the final presentation in the Deliverables section below.


Overall, this was an amazing opportunity to work on. I was able to focus more on user research and quickly identify changes based on feedback from user tests. I also had the chance to speak with members of CAT Digital and learn more about UX in the work field. My biggest takeaway from this project was how to glean important feedback from user tests, prioritize the most important changes, and implement them within a few hours.

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Here is the final Figma file for the project. It is a prototype, so not everything on screen is fully functional. As well, I recommend viewing it in full screen for the best experience. Here is also the final presentation for my team’s first milestone for this project.