Project Overview

This was a team-based project where we were tasked with creating a prototype for a kiosk application for homeless individuals to use. I was the lead of my team, and there were four other members on the team. The prototype was made via Figma, and a design document was created from the first day of the project until the end that contains all of the material. This pdf of the entire project can be found in the Deliverables section. The timeframe of this project was an entire spring semester of university, so roughly four and a half months.

Target Audience

The target audience for this project were homeless individuals that would visit shelters and look for assistance. As well, the project was geared towards being accepted by stakeholders at OSF HealthCare. This means that my designs would need to be accepted by OSF standards, so that would add a different type of audience for the project.


The goals of this project were to establish a prototype designed for a tablet that could be used at a kiosk stand in a homeless shelter. The objectives of the application were: allow individuals to log into MyChart or view their medical records, allow users to schedule medical appointments, locate nearby food shelters, and access important local governmental resources. On top of all this, the user experience had to be accessible to those not up to date with technology or current trends.

User Testing

My team’s prototype was user tested by the Faith Community Nurses, who would be the ones helping oversee the kiosk application use at the shelters. In total, the feedback was useful as it revolved around keeping the application more accessible. The biggest point of feedback received was around our feature of printing records, which was praised as being something that identified. The user testing all followed a script and was done virtually.


Overall, this project marked my first time leading a team of UX designers. As well, this was my first project in the healthcare side of user experience design, since before this I worked with projects located insurance and tech start-up fields. I rather enjoyed working in healthcare UX, and this project led me to seek an internship at OSF Jump where I had the opportunity to work on more healthcare applications. I think this project taught me what field of UX to pursue, and the responsibilities of leading a team of UX designers.


Here is the final Figma prototype, please full screen for the best experience. As well, here is the final project pdf of the entire project.