Project Overview

This project was my first time designing screens for an Apple Watch. This was a solo project created by me, and my concept was a sleep tracker app that doubled as a sleep apnea checker called Restless. This project was fully designed and prototyped in Figma. The time frame for this project was roughly 40 days.


The goal of this project were to design screens for the Apple Watch based on research of other sleep tracking apps. As well, I focused more towards detecting sleep apnea later in the project, but was unable to fully get all the information into the prototype before the project deadline. 

User Testing

There were two rounds of user testing for this project. The first round took place right after finishing the initial mockups and prototype, while the second round took place after the adjustments from the first round’s feedback were implemented. Unfortunately, I was unable to get the prototype to run on an Apple Watch for testing, but adapted by only testing those who have owned an Apple Watch to get better feedback. The user tests were done via an anonymous Google Forms survey, with no input during testing.


This project was more about delving into my interests for apps, rather than a client-based project. As well, this was my first time designing for screens that were not for a phone or website. Overall, I look fondly back on this project and wish I had more time to fully flesh it out.


Below is the Figma prototype of the project. Screens with the green bar on the right side are scrollable as well.